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Fleet Repair Service
  • Crossmembers

  • Brakes

  • Lights

  • Doors

  • E-Tracks

  • Floors

  • Rails

  • Roof (Aluminum-Translucent)

  • Patch/Section Panels

  • Scuff Liners

  • Lift Gate (Install- Repair)

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Interiors

  • Wheel Seals and Hub Caps

  • Painting

  • Fleet Restoration welding and Fabrication

Refrigeration Service
  • Oil Filters

  • Battery cables and clamps

  • Belt condition; tighten as necessary

  • Exhaust system and mounting hardware

  • Coolant level; add if needed.

  • Gearbox and compressor seal should also be checked for leaks

  • Check switches and electrical connections

  • Check the unit and engine mounting bolts

  • Inspect the water pump, air cleaner housing and tubing


Trailer Body Repair

  • Convert to LED lights, less maintenance, less cost

  • Major Body, Suspension & Landing gear

  • Convert Roll Up doors to Swing Doors


Truck Body Repair

  • Liftgate (Install - Repair)

  • Door Repair

  • Body modifications

  • Reduce truck body overall height or lenght


Refrigeration Services

  • Trailer Refrigeration Units

  • Truck Refrigeration Units

  • Small Truck/Van Refrigeration Units

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